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ello [19 Aug 2005|10:45am]
[ mood | giddy ]

hello everybody
I know its been awhile..a long while..but i unno..things have been pretty messed up lately..well for one i ended up being so upset that i moved back in with my mom and im stayin with her for the most part now..which is good i guess..im goin back to school this year...and i got a job working as a waitress at dennyz :-/...unno how that onez gonna work..me working with ppl? cant see that one turning out too too good...but newayz been hangin out wit wesley again recently..see steve every now and then..i finally came to a conclusion..ya know..if he doesnt love me than thats just something im gonna have to deal with..im not gonna b able to change it..and ive heard and found out so much stuff about him and what he has been doing since we have not been together...and if he doesnt wanna be wit me than thats fine..w/e life goes on..i mean i still love the kid with all my heart and soul and would take him back at his beck and call...but im not gonna let it hurt me as much as it has nemore...ive learned to go and have fun without him...but newayz..yea...i was at a party with shelby..austin..lea..karen..scottie..paul..josh...and a shitload of ppl..and i was S-O-B-E-R and i fell completely and totally stone cold sober..and split my bad right knee open..BAD!!...24 stitches...they had to drain my knee the other day they put me on 500mg of antibiotics 4 times a day!..fuckin sucks...so..yesterday was shelbyz 16 b-day!! :-D happy b-day hunniez love ya!...also wanna say happy belated b day to gena..lovez yaz bunchiez to and ill see u in school soon
but ima let everyone go..gimme a call at my momz somebody 1-207-422-2454
peace nd love

2 serious : all apologies

::tears:: [02 Jul 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well today sucked..i saw steve today and was half drunk and ended up getting ever more drunk while i was there because he was there..and ended up getting really upset..plus the fact that him and sarah were hitting on each other all nite...it kills me to be able to see him and not touch him and hold him and tell him that i love him and would die for him any second of the day..i still cry myself to sleep everynite i dont know what to do..im drunker than hell at the moment and wanna die..and its not the fact that im drunk..cuz i feel like this every time i start to think of him..he is my whole lifel..and i just want him to know that..my heart is completely shattered..and i feel like absolutely nothing..and totally worthless..well ima go sit here and sulk smore bye

all apologies

[29 Jun 2005|01:20pm]
Name: Cori
when did I last cry? Last night before i went to sleep

What am I listening to? Love Song-311

Last thing I ate? Chicken Fingers

If I were a crayon I'd be: sparkly pink

What is the weather? fucking hott

Last person I talked to on the phone? josh

favorite drink? strawberry fruit 2 0

Favorite Sport(s): volleyball and wrestling

Eye Color: grey

Do you wear contacts? no

Favorite Food: umm..eggplant parm

Last Movie you watched: George of the Jungle

Favorite Day of the year: St Patty's Day *tears*

Scary Movies or Happy Endings? scary movies

Favorite season? fall

What is your favorite dessert? pie
Who is most likely to respond? unno

Who is least likely to respond? unno

Living arrangements? live with my friends shelby and austin and their dad and his wife

What's on your mouse pad? the mouse

What did you watch on TV last night? the cosby show

Favorite Smells: rain

Rolling Stones or Beatles? beatles

Do you like your handwriting? no

What is your favorite lunch meat? honey ham slice REALLY thin

When is your birthday? April 11

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? i unno

Are you a dare devil? eh depends on the day

Have you ever told a secret you swore to keep? nope
How do you release anger? i punch hard objects

Do you trust others easily? ha no

Favorite toy as a child? super nintendo

What class in high school do you think was totally useless? i think all classes have some sort of good reason

Do you have a journal? No

Do you use sarcasm? that is what im known for

Would you bungee jump? doubt it

Do you untie your shoes to take them off? no

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? coffee

Shoe size: 9

Who do you miss the most? my grammy

Do you want everyone to send this back? i unno

What are you wearing? spongebob jammy pants and tanktop

What's the farthest away from home have you been? florida
all apologies

im baaack [27 Jun 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hey...im back everybody..back in maine
i came all the fuckin way back up here to be with someone that i love and that i was being told loved me..well..i guess i was fuckin wrong..what an asshole..im "extremely disliked" even after all the shit i did for that kid and after all the shit that i went through..and ya know..i hate to addmitt to it..but he shattered..and i mean shattered my heart...i honestly dont think i have ever been so heartbroken in my entire life..and doubt i ever will b...its completely pathetic i cry evertime i see nething that reminds me of him..i sleep with his shirt everynite..i cry myself to sleep everynite wishing that i was in his arms..i honestly wish that he was active on the comp so that he could read this and realise how much i love him and would give nething to b with him..but w/e i guess im just gonna have to hurt and hurt untill it goes away..the way im looking at it is..if u love something..let it go..if it comes back it was ment to b..if not than it wasnt..or the other one which is...if u love something let it go and if it comes back it was ment to b and if it doesnt hunt it down and kill it :-]...o well..ever since i got back here ive been partyin it up..to try to not think about it..but when i get drunk..i get worse..and either go in a corner and cry or get pissed off and start yelling at ppl...but other than that..i unno..i ended up moving in with shelby and austin..$500 a month..i think ima stay here untill the month is up and then ima move back down to mass..i have to b there in july anyway cuz of katelyn...but newayz..i just wish that this pain would go away..i love him soo much.i thought someone else was my first lvoe but i was wrong..he really is my first love..all hte shit that i went through i counted on him to b there.and now when i need him the most hez not there...there were so many promises that were broken..so many lies that were told..and so many misleadings..i dunno how to handle it..i hope that one day just out of the blue i get a phone call that just says "im sry..i love you..come back" and my reply would b "you hurt me..real bad..but i still love you and will alwayz b here waiting"::sigh:: i unno wat to do..o well ima go look some shit up on the internet..my number here is 1 207 661 2716
peace nd love

all apologies

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